A visit with Dr. Lameh Fananapazir

screenshot.25It has been a very busy week with Dr. Lameh Fananapazir. We had the pleasure of his talks and lectures in a variety of locations such as our Museum Lounge, the Eastside Baha’i Center, a visit with the Mayor of Lynnwood Nicola Smith and an evening at the Saedi’s home in Bellevue.

A very special time was shared at our Unity Museum during a visit of around 15 or more students from North Carolina to meet with him and some of our docent Youth.

Dr. Fananapazir is a retired cardiologist and the author of several books, the latest one being “Islam at the Crossroads”.

Time again for the Annual WA State Museum Association Conference

WAMA 2016Once again 200 Washington State Museum directors and curators gathered in Tacoma for the Annual WA State Museum Association Conference. This time we all gathered in what has lovingly become known as “Museum Alley”. I was accompanied by Claire Reiner was representing our Uniting Hearts Academy. We enjoyed the many talks and workshops designed to assist us all in making our Museum’s a more relevant to visit. The various topics dealt with funding, diversity, story telling, Social Media and Promotions, our collaborations with the various City and Councils around our State, outreach in the community around us and too many more to mention them all. New friendships were made. Our Museum engaged into several new collaboration ideas. We hope to share some of them over the next few weeks. We had a chance to visit most of the Museums around us for a variety of workshops, luncheon talks and social mixers. We look forward to meet again next year in Richland,WA.

A visit with the many students of University Prep

ebc museum3It was an exciting day for our Unity Museum to take one of our travelling exhibits along with our volunteers to the Eastside Baha’i Center. It had been 2 years since our last event in Bellevue. This time we welcomed and co-sponsored University Prep and it’s around 80 students, plus staff, speakers and assistance. Lunch was served and great conversations occured in the foyer between the Keynote Speaker presentation by Dr. Rita Egrari on Social Justice and solutions towards Peace from the Baha’i perspective. Mahtab Mahmoodzadeh gave an exciting workshop on the Equality of Women and Men. These are just a few to mention. Our Unity Museum exhibit concentrated on Seattle Now and Then along topics of Race and Gender Equality.