The Unity Museum in futuristic partnership with Decentraland…going virtual!

A whole new phase and a walk into the future has arrived for the Unity Museum. 2 years in the making as the opening date has finally arrived. It is beyond our wildest imagination as we meet our visitors from China, Central and South America, Africa and much of the West. A whole new vision as you shortly can be invited to take a tour right inside the Convention Center on Main Street. You will be able to take a tour how over the last 200 years the many humanitarians, science, transportation, the Arts, sports etc along with 3D model objects and slide audio presentations to walk you all through our global vision. Next our new conversation/program Lounge to follow.
It is a whole new world….but the Unity Museum is all about 2050 and our place in the future. Thank you to Carl Fravel, Cameron Cook and Dr. Amy Colbert to make this a dream come true.
now take a quick tour with us

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