Peter Van Ness Memorial

Founding Board Member
Cornelius Peter Van Ness III
September 29, 1939–May 1, 2020

With deep sadness in our hearts we share with you news of the passing of our founding Board member Peter Van Ness on May 1, 2020.

Born into a family with historical contributions since the 17th century, he believed in the destiny of this country and its ultimate impact on world peace.

Peter was deeply committed to the formation, funding, and vision of The Unity Museum since its early stages in 2009. He strongly held the ideal of social justice bringing together and uniting mankind as time goes by. He lost his ardent fight with cancer during this complicated time of isolation and global pandemic.

As a graduate of Lakeside Academy, University of Washington, and Harvard Business School, he was well prepared to take on a leadership role that allowed The Unity Museum to grow and develop its exhibits and curricula to leave behind a long-lasting impact.

We warmly invite you to contribute to the newly established

Peter Van Ness Memorial

This Memorial will assist the Museum to carry on research, offer and support higher educational studies, provide docent services, and allow for expansion of future projects.

We would be most grateful for your generous contributions in memory of Peter.

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