New Exhibit on History of Continental Drift

The Unity Museum’s new exhibit on the History of Continental Drift

Come and see our new exhibit on the History of Continental Drift.

Dr. Edwin H. Colbert (father of our curator Dr. Amy Colbert) was a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan who, during an expedition to Antarctica in 1969, confirmed the theory of continental drift as it applied to prehistoric animals.¬†Geophysicists had recently discovered that continents drifted due to seafloor spreading, and Dr. Colbert’s identification of an Antarctic fossil of the mammal-like reptile Lystrosaurus, common to the other southern continents and peninsular India, proved that these all formed a single landmass called Gondwana that has broken up and drifted far apart over the last 200 million years.

Dr. Amy Colbert, Curator of The Unity Museum, with a visitor in front of the new exhibit

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