IMG_20140305_142327Our new museum exists to fill a void in our community. We hope our hands-on atmosphere is inviting and ready to provide an entertaining but distinctive venue for everyone to enjoy! We also intend, in the process, to enhance our visitors’ understanding of their own history as well as the intriguing connections between the American canon of ideals, regionally celebrated historic events, and the basic tenets of the Bahá’í Faith. We believe those tenets are compelling antidotes to many social problems and that communities where they are practiced will be guided toward increased justice generally, and improved prospects for lasting peace over time. We hope to inform, to spark dialogue, and to connect dots. In short, the museum exists to be fun, to educate, to provide common-interest links between the Bahá’í community and the community-at-large, and by doing so, to contribute to improving our society. The Unity Museum is a tax-exempt non-profit entity, and is an individual initiative entirely separate from the formal organizational structure of the Bahá’í Faith.

Members of our Board of Directors:

Dr. Roy Steiner
Dr. Emitis Hosoda
Dr. Leslie Asplund
Dean Martineau
Judy Rohm
Miles Lane
Christina Fusch
Cornelius Peter Van Ness
Zabine Van Ness