An astonishing Global Video Conference

NWCCI and UHNI webinar with StateOur team of volunteers can honestly say “It took our breath away!”
For many years we have facilitated webinars, drawing on our global speakers bureau, for colleges and academies.
We typically prepare our speakers to deliver subject material that dovetails into each curricula and class syllabus. This time it was different.
With a focus on social entrepreneurship, this virtual conference provided alumni with opportunities to listen to speakers who have been instrumental in social and economic development throughout the world. They learned to leverage their skills to make positive impacts on their communities while pursuing ongoing professional development. They were able to connect with other CCI alumni from around the world.
For the first time, we worked with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, in collaboration with the Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) program. NWCCI organized the endeavor, while we had the pleasure to serve as their formal “Community Partner” by providing all the speakers. The title was “Thinking like an Entrepreneur!”
It gave us great joy to bring in speakers from many countries, including South Africa, Mongolia, Colombia and the United States.

Some of our speakers:

Roy Steiner Dr. Roy Steiner – Leadership: Leveraging Your Skills in Uncertain Economies, USA
Mohan Narula Dr. Mohan Narula – Guiding Principles for a Life of Service, Mongolia
iraj abedian Dr. Iraj Abedian – Making the Economy Work for the Poor: With Reference to the Role of Ethics, South Africa
Vivian BenetarMs. Vivian ARGUETA BERNAL (Key Note Speaker) – Ensuring Success: The power of meaningful relationships and bonds of friendship for your professional development, Colombia
YFactor Leyla T. HAIDARIAN – Social Entrepreneurship: Find your Y-Factor, South Africa

We will shortly upload all of their talks for your enjoyment.

We are still waiting to hear back total number of attendees around the world. The Video conference had several speakers at the same time, but in different classrooms so to speak. All in all it lasted for 4 hours. Ultimately thousands of listeners had an amazing day of study and learning.

We want to thank Christina Fusch to invite us to become part of this most exciting opportunity to connect students around the world to dialogue, ask questions and meet our various speakers in person.

Family Musical Devotional with Katy Porray!

Please join us for a family-friendly musical devotional gathering at the Unity Museum

Katy Porray, a wonderful musician, songwriter, composer, singer, children’s class teacher and full-time Montessori teacher is in town briefly from Qingdao, China where she has her own classroom at a bilingual Montessori school.

Katy led musical devotionals in Seattle for many years and we are so grateful to have her back to share her joyful spirit and encouraging song-leading!

The program will be very participatory with many sing-along songs and prayers. Families are encouraged to all attend together – parents and children, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, babies – and enjoy this moment of prayer and devotion. There will be light refreshments and some free play time for children to follow.

An exciting day celebrating our first year on University Avenue

open House1What a wonderful day it was…..even though we have started our fourth year, but this month closed our first year on THE AVE. We welcomed over two-hundred visitors throughout the day and night. It started off with a most powerful dance and performance of the Tlingit Tribe sharing their stories and in the end blessed our museum. It was shared that we are now a Sacred Place for them We have become family as we see each other almost every week.
Next we enjoyed some wonderful Persian music performed by Behnam Kooshkoo.
Such a huge treat to welcome our children perform for us a piano recital and some amazing songs. Thank you to the Rohm, Murphy and Padfield families. Can hardly wait to have them back.
Soon it was time to feel happy and sing along with Kurt and Leslie Asplund. Loved every song as it filled our hearts with joy. Least but not last we had the privilege of listening to the famous Cleve Ticeson. Life just could not get any better.
Thanks to Thomas and Judy Rohm for serving two-hundred people all day long with never ending new dishes of food and cookies. We also want to thank Shirley Ballard and Nancy Coleman for delivering mountains of home baked cookies.
Our many visitors enjoyed their tours given by our volunteers all day and evening long.
Come and see us sometime soon.