Several activities are all about making new friendships

imageimageThis week we had many visitors from all across the country. Native American friends are practicing at the Museum in preparation for their performance at the new Longhouse on the UW Campus.
A number of youth visited us and had an adventure hunt and lunch. We are beginning to offer more formal presentations in the museum lounge as well as more informal conversations on Saturday nights. Many students are writing their final papers, which are due in a few days. We will miss them and their cheerful visits, questions and great conversations.

An evening of discussion on Race and Society

imageWe are excited to share that the museum lounge was filled to overflowing today. The Coalition for Racial Healing held a talk and workshop on the topic of Race and Society. The speaker was Vice Principal Beverly Moore from Everett. The evening was most inspiring. Our visitors divided into small groups for discussions. We had about forty participants. Come and join us next month!

A most exciting weekend in Phoenix at the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference

This was our first time at the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The conference was celebrating its 30th anniversary!  There were approximately 4,000 in attendance from all around the world. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make many new ones.
We presented an exhibit for the Unity Museum. Hundreds of people and curious visitors stopped by and asked many questions. We are excited to embrace 2015 as a new challenge and a new beginning.
We especially enjoyed a visit from world renown Baha’i architect Hossein Amanat from Canada, as well as Dr.Robert Stockman, Dr. Hamid Peseschkian, Dr. Don Streets, Dr. Christopher Buck, Eric Harper and Lani Nash to just mention a few. I know I forgot many, many more…but we thank you all for your support and encouragements! Many new connections were made that will enrich our One World Academy webinar lectures too. Come and visit us on ‘The Ave’ soon.