Become a tour guide!

Lake WA Girls School visit 016There are always opportunities for you to come and have some fun volunteering at the museum! There are always things to do, whatever your skills might be. One example is that we can train you to be a tour guide. You will learn the many stories we share and become skillful at weaving the stories through the artifacts in the exhibits.


Volunteer from your home

Museum websiteYou can also volunteer from home, if you live in another part of the world. For example, if you are a high school student who needs someplace to offer service hours, we could use your talents with web development, creating slideshows or videos, recording audio lectures or helping us with online social networking.


Offer your professional skills

Museum dinnerIf you have specialized skills in business development, team management, marketing or fundraising, we can certainly benefit from your insights and assistance! We strive to bring our work to a professional level in all we do. This includes networking with other museums and service organizations. We are even being used as an instructional resource at area colleges. So, if you are a professional community development person or have a background as a writer or media professional, we can certainly use you!


Help us develop our exhibits

IPAD Museum dinner etc 160We invite you to join our research and exhibit design team. We weave our tour narratives by researching as much as possible from primary sources, and then bringing out the interplay between the history of the Baha’i community and teachings and the the history of the world and of the museum’s local region.

Help us work with college, high school and middle school students

We have students and student groups visiting us regularly. This has developed because of the objective nature of our exhibits with their reliance on primary historical sources. This, combined with the fact that we are a professional non-profit organization, has made us a trusted source for local educational institutions. This is a role that we are diligently working to expand. Your assistance in working with our visiting students is most deeply appreciated!



Volunteering as an artist

If you are are an artist who would like to create and donate an artwork, we’d be happy to explore the possibility with you. Please send us a picture of some of your previous work so we can explore the possibilities. We are especially interested in art that complements an exhibit theme. Send photos to our museum director: zabine123@hotmail.com.