Climate Change Event 10/8 at 1pm at the Unity Museum

Climate Change Event 10/8 at 1pm at the Unity Museum

Saturday, October 7, 2023

“The fight against climate change or An opportunity for Humanity to Unite” During the discussion, 26 years long Independent Research will be presented for the audience. It is an opportunity to listen to the different perspectives on the causes of climate change. Delve with us into a multidisciplinary exploration of climate change, including insights from other planets and the 12,000-year cyclical nature of climate catastrophes. This is unfiltered research that's driven by grassroots curiosity, not agendas, and we are looking forward to presenting the solutions the independent research group has to propose. In addition, you will learn about the proposal of the prominent American scientist Egon Cholakyan to establish a “Unified Scientific Center”. This is an opportunity for young people to connect to independent scientific communities.

A Hidden Gem in the U District

A block from the U District light rail station, you will discover a world of history and ideas (and refreshments!)

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Admission to the museum is always free, Open 11 am to 2:30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

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