Kibibi Monié

Kibibi Monié

Monday, September 19, 2022

While only recently having joined The Unity Museum as a Board Member, Kibibi Monié is very active in the city of Seattle. This week at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute and Theatre 50th Aniversary, Kibibi Monié was recognized with honor and asked to perform a speech. After a number of Seattle's most upstanding influencers of the arts reminisced about the cultural center, musical artists played and food was served outside. Also this week, she opened a poetry reading with a laureate at the local SoulFood CoffeeHouse. Kibibi Monié is the Executive Director of Nu Black Arts West Theatre, the oldest African American Theater Company in the Pacific Northwest, and we are happy to support her and have her serving on our board. For a video recording, click Read more


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