The Unity Museum’s Mission

The Unity Museum uplifts humanity by celebrating the history of human progress toward unity, social justice, and global peace.

About the Museum

The Unity Museum offers rotating exhibits, presentations and public discourse on local and global topics of relevance and historical significance to the advancement of civilization. The Museum’s services are free to the public and visitors of all ages are welcome for tours and discourse. The Unity Museum also has outreach exhibits and presentations upon request in public venues such as libraries, civic centers, and schools. 
Addressing themes like
  • Historical movements toward social justice and the promotion of unity and peace 
  • The historical path towards universal education 
  • Equality of gender and race 
  • Abandonment of all forms of prejudice 
  • Elimination of extremes of income inequity 
  • A common spirituality of all religions 
  • The need for balance between science and spiritual forces 
  • Responsibility of each person to independently search for truth 
  • Promotion of the oneness of humanity 

Nonprofit Organization

The Unity Museum is a subsidiary of Uniting Hearts Networking Institute (UHNI). Donations are tax-deductible as we are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We will provide you with a receipt for your donation and validation of our charity status.


Launching our BiMonthly Historical Walking Tours on The Ave

Launching our BiMonthly Historical Walking Tours on The Ave

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

We'd like to thank the University District Partnership for financially supporting us to launch our Historical Walking Tours of The Ave. This coming Saturday will be our fourth even from Fiftieth to Fourty-Second Avenue. We are blessed with an abundance of storytelling about the visits or residencies of a number of notable historic contributors or residents, such as the first female mayor in the U.S., Bruce Lee and his first studio, the formation of the Starbucks Enterprise, Nirvana for our youth, Macklemore working at a hat shop, Mark Tobey the first American artist exhibited in the Louvre, and Shiga's Imports to mention a few. Look forward to see you every first & third Saturday every month at the parking lot at the University Heights Community Center at noontime. Our tours are free however donations will be accepted. We invite you for a meet and greet afterwards for coffee tea or light refreshments,

Some Visitor Reviews

A block from the U District light rail station, you will discover a world of history and ideas (and refreshments!)

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