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Upcoming Events

Tuesday 12-2pm  - Crafts Day
Time to make a scrapbook or greeting cards, or a historical timeline
Wednesday 12-2pm - Movie and Documentary Day
Enjoy some live-streaming movies, and documentaries. 
Watching Lydia and the Poet (next 6 weeks) October 11 - November 15 and 
Watching Our Universe (also 6 episodes) November 22 - December 27
Saturday 12-2pm - Dancing, Music & The Arts
Have fun with playing the Wurlitzer Jukebox on our dance floor, bring an instrument, and read some poetry
Sunday 12-2pm - Meditation Day
Explore the many original, word studies, and commentaries on a variety of world religions

MLK Celebration, free discussion Jan. 14 Noon - 2pm

Jan. 14 Noon - 2pm PST
You are invited to our free discussion Sunday, Jan. 14th at Noon – 2 pm PST at Unity Museum
      Dr. J. Perkins, PhD shares his reflection from Alvin Toeffler's “Futureshock”. Then, what we have learned today and how to ponder upon 2024

(206) 390-9982 Unity Museum at 4341 ½ University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105 Free parking on the Ave + Lightrail

Last Saturday of the Month 12-2pm

April 29 12-2pm
History of Transgender Legal Rights in Washington State
Presenter Dr. Amy Colbert was involved with the early state laws and their development in this state. She helped pass these regulations and offers an historical and sociological perspective on what is today a relevant issue.
May 27 12-2pm
Mental Health 
In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, our Presenter to be announced shortly, will give a short introduction to issues such as addiction and marriage & family counseling. 
June 24 12-2pm
History of Women Voting in the State of Washington
Presenter Director Zabine Van Ness gives an overview of our state's progressive role of women in leadership positions. Seattle is home to the country's first woman mayor, 1923 Bertha Knight Landes, a lady who welcomed Queen Victoria's granddaughter Queen Marie of Romania, and gave her a tour of this magnificent city, driving through the UDistrict to the yacht club where they planted a tree. 
July 29 12-2pm
Alaska Yukon Exposition
Presenters Director Zabine Van Ness & Cameron Cook, BS Cell Biology will share a history of the UDistrict's AYP expo of 1909, a large electric fair held where University of Washington is today. Visitors arrived in dirigibles, on the new railroad, and by the sea, and the celebrations kicked off with a telegram from President Taft.

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