The Unity Museum in futuristic partnership with Decentraland…going virtual!
Thursday, February 2, 2023
A whole new phase and a walk into the future has arrived for the Unity Museum. 2 years in the making as the opening date has finally arrived. It is beyond our wildest imagination as we meet our visitors from China, Central and South America, Africa and much of the West. A whole new vision as you shortly can be invited to take a tour right inside the Convention Center on Main Street. You will be able to take a tour how over the last 200 years the many humanitarians, science, transportation, the Arts, sports etc along with 3D model objects and slide audio presentations to walk you all through our global vision. It is a whole new world….but the Unity Museum is all about 2050 and our place in the future. Now take a quick tour with us
Welcome to our Sunday Dance Parties
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Welcome Back to the Unity Museum, now that Christmas and New Years Celebrations are behind us, we have arrived in 2023!!! Everything is packed away for next year and we are looking forward to a new opportunity to have some fun. Voila, welcome to our Sunday Afternoon 12-2 Uni-Tea Sock Hop Dance with our new jukebox and 1960's Rock'n'Roll. Launching date is January 29 at noontime, 12-2. See you then.
Welcome to our Unity Museum Experience
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
We at the Unity Museum have become known as “The Best Little Secret on The Ave”. The time has come to bring this little “Hidden Treasure” out into the public eye. We would love to invite the various newspapers, TV stations or Social Media contacts to call us, check us out or take a virtual tour while you interview us. 206-390-9982 We have ongoing exhibits depicting a variety of social issues such as race, gender, climate, just to mention a few. You can browse around our website and take a brief virtual tour too. We have ongoing speaker programs and are part of the University of WA Internship program. We offer a welcome lounge, a TV lounge, a mediation room, a small dining area, a library and of course our Museum exhibits. Feel free to check us out now from wherever you are!

A Hidden Gem in the U District

A block from the U District light rail station, you will discover a world of history and ideas (and refreshments!)

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Admission to the museum is always free, Open 11 am to 2:30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

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