The Portland Unity Museum




Our First Exhibit!

We curated this exhibit located in the Portland Baha'i Center, a building on the National Registry of Historical Buildings. The women are Beatrice Cannady, a reknowned African American racial justice advocate from the early 20th century, and Helen Bishop, who worked with Beatrice and also traveled the world advocating for world peace.

The Unity Museum

We are in the process of creating portable trifold exhibits of these two amazing early twentieth century women in Portland's history.

The Unity Museum

 The Portland Unity Museum is committed to the celebration of the history of human progress toward unity. We offer mobile trifold outreach exhibits and talks on various issues such as racial justice, local historical contributions toward unity, social justice, global peace, and the promotion of the oneness of humanity.
Maura Fox
  • BA Degree - Portland State University - Education/Middle Eastern Studies 
  • Professional Educator - Portland Public Schools 
  • Assistant to Auxiliary Board of Protection, Baha’i Faith for Hmong-American Relations 
  • Head Archivist - Portland Baha’i Archives 
  • Oregon and Portland History Educator / Speaker
  • Member of Portland, Oregon Branch of NAACP
  • Equity Team Facilitator - Portland Public Schools
Nekicia Luckett
  • MAT Concordia University - Education
  • BS - University of Oregon Professional Educator - USA, Hong Kong, Macau
  • Facilitator / Speaker on Race Relations 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Facilitator 
  • Social Justice Advocate for Youth 
  • Faculty Member - Anti-Racism Course, Wilmette Institute
Linda Zahl
  •  Masters Degree in Adult Basic Education,
  • English as a Foreign Language Teacher in US, China, and Czech Republic
  • Exchange Student to Uruguay 
  • Iranian American ancestry 
  • Dedicated to the understanding between peoples
additional Board Members

Additional Board Members of Portland Unity Museum

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Roger Nesbit
  • Retired Attorney for the U.S. Department of the Interior
  • “History buff” and founder of a History Book Club which studied over 120 books 
  • Served on various Bahá’í institutions for over 50 years
  • Portland Talks History speaker
Maura's Other Friend
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Another Friend of Maura
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Maura's Friend and Boardmember
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Available Presentations

Louis Gregory’s Race Unity trips to Portland, Oregon in 1922 
Martha Roots social justice trips to Portland, Oregon in 1923 
Beatrice Cannady’s accomplishments toward racial justice in Portland, Oregon from 1912 - 1936 
Combating Racism in Portland and Oregon from 1844 - 1930s 
Portland Chinese History - Discrimination and resistance 
The Correspondence between Mark Toby and Helen Bishop from the 1920s to 1950s 

     We are currently working on three traveling trifold exhibits:
  • a history of the diverse peoples of the St. John’s neighborhood in Portland, Oregon in collaboration with the St. John’s Historical Society
  • the life of Beatrice Cannady, a nationally known racial justice advocate of the early twentieth century
  • the history of the St. Johns Post Office Building / Portland Baha'i Center, a New Era project on the National Registry of Historic Places
  •  We are also collecting oral histories on the families of Persian Baha’i martyrs in Iran