Unity Museum of Nyabihu, Rwanda

      It is with great excitement that we can finally announce the beginning of our Unity Museum of Nyabihu, Rwanda. Meet our newly appointed 
Executive Director, Ladislas Yassin Nkundabanyanga 
T +250 788 555 595 /0788835593 
      Currently he is the founder and Executive director of Rwanda Youth Clubs for Peace Organization. They are working with the community on grassroot on Human Rights and Peace education. They also teach them about the danger of Drugs and Alcohol. They help children here to identify and develop their Football talents in our Peace Football Academy.
      His group visits different schools to give presentations like Lectures about Human Rights, Fighting against Drugs, Conflict Transformation and more. They also continue to help Future Hope and Children via Football coaching and Education. Their social action projects educate to fight school dropout, motivating and encouraging them to attend schools. Hygiene, discipline and positivity are key topics they always discuss with them. <--- here is a recent news article about their traveling museum exhibit and..